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S H A N N O N   W A L L A C E   /   A R T   +   L A N D S C A P E   A R C H I T E C T U R E

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Please email me with any questions you feel should be in this list.

1. What is your creative process like?

It depends on what kind of project I'm working on at the time and whether I am working by myself or with others.  I usually take the main idea of the piece and pair it with a visual style, letting the two stew in my mind for a while so I can start with a clear direction.  When dealing with a client, the original idea never strays very far from the finished product, but when creating personal works, the piece could go through many incarnations before settling into the final one.  I typically take visual components from random images and compile them into a painted collage of sorts.  

2. What kind of skills can you offer and what is your rate?

I work with a range of mediums, from computer graphics, to oils and acrylics, to pen and ink or charcoal... and anywhere from 2"x2" digital artwork to 20'x100' outdoor murals! If your request is outside my capabilities, I will let you know right away.  My rate varies from project to project: the scale and complexity of the project, what kind of materials are needed, etc.  Please contact me with your design inquiry or request, and we can get a conversation going.  I would be happy to consult with you about your idea, free of charge and no obligations.  

3. How many hours a week do you like to paint or draw?

This changes all the time.  It seems I am always sketching something or other either at work or at home, but painting is more inconsistent.  It depends on what kind of projects I'm working on at the time.  

4. Do you ever rope your friends or family into participating in your artistic endeavors?

Yes.  They make very willing subjects.

5. Do you have a preference for one kind of drawing over another?

I prefer a kind of medium that forces me to loosen up when drawing, which is never the kind of medium I use, oddly.  My style of drawing is naturally tight, and any medium that has a large surface area or tendency to mark unpredictably is a welcome challenge for breaking down the perfectionist style.  I’m a fan of classic black and white charcoal drawings.  I also love the fluidity, vibrancy, forgiveness and playfulness of oils.

6. What is your favorite subject matter?

People (or anything with life) have always been my favorite subjects.  It is a satisfying challenge to capture the complexity, emotion, and energy in each subject.

7. Will you ever write a children's book one day?

Its more likely that I will collaborate with someone on a comic book.

Questions/Comments?   Send me an email at sewalla@gmail.com.