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Circulation and Greenspace Diagrams  

East Bayfront, Toronto, ON      


This academic post-industrial reclamation project sought to connect the citizens of Toronto to the waterfront of Lake Ontario.  My partner and I aimed to design a distinctive urban community that could support the daily needs of its occupants while providing recreation for all of downtown Toronto. We envisioned a flexible and dynamic park that could adapt to any activity, as well as daytime or nighttime use. 


The final design of the East Bayfront Urban Village, situated on the waterfront of lake Ontario, acommodated a wide variety of transportation options, including light rail transit, automobile, pedestrian, and bicycle.  The design included a heirarchy of public to semi-private spaces and three distinctive landmark buildings that were community-use establishments.  Most buildings are oriented to take advantage of passive solar heating and greenroofs are included on each building for agricultural or non-agricultural production.

Axonometric Drawing of the Urban Village
Sherbourne Park Plan
Waterfront Plaza at night with multi-colored LED poles.         Overlapping layers of ornamental grasses frame the view to the southern end of Sherbourne Park.
View of Sherbourne Park facing South towards Lake Ontario.         The Grand Canal feature, a glass-covered water channel, links the pool in Sherbourne Park to the constructed wetland in a former boat slip on the East edge of the urban village.  The canal is lit up at night.
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